"Brownie Season" is Over!

Bob's BrownieBrownie Season is officially OVER, once again at Bob's Bunz! And yes, Brownies DO have a season - at least Bob's Brownies do.

The brutal summer heat is upon us and the "oooey-gooey", rich and creamy, "death by chocolate" Brownies must go in to hiding again for fear of being reduced to a flooding puddle of chocolate! These layered chocolate delicacies are truly terrified of the summer heat and remain in hiding for much of the year.

So in case you hadn't figured it out - Brownie Season IS a big event at Bob's Bunz! Check back in the Fall after the summer heat leaves and celebrate the opening of Brownie Season with us!

And remember.... you have not had a Brownie until you have had Bob's Brownie! Second to NO OTHER, they will have you marking your calendar each year for the start of Brownie Season!