Cake Info

These sections address many of the "Frequently Asked Questions" and also provide a myriad of helpful advice about things you may have not thought of!

  • Helpful Hints

    Floral: When it comes to Wedding Cakes and flowers - some just work better than others! "Good" Cake Flowers: Orchids and Roses. "Bad" Cake Flowers: Stargazers (too big) and Calla Lilies (bad shape/sappy stem)

    Please let us know who your florist is or if you need a recommendation for one, will be happy to assist you.

    Tints & Colors: Do you know the reason most Wedding Cakes are white? Dark or bright colors often stain nice clothes and make for colored teeth and lips that look weird in photos..... "Bad Idea"!

    Blues/Greens/Purples: Since we use "real" butter from happy cows, the icing has an ever-so-slight yellow tint. It looks PURE white until you add food coloring... Then it bonds to the "yellow" in the butter and makes whatever colors it feels like!

    Cupcake & Tart Display Stands: I have several Display Stands that belong to Bob's Bunz. Some pictured are the property of the Bride & Groom or their Caterer or Wedding Coordinator. When using a Display Stand that requires a "set up" that task falls to The Caterer or The Wedding coordinator. We will deliver all that is needed to make the requested display but set up generally happens long after our delivery. Just be sure to Ask whom ever is going to do it about any additional fees.

    Guests: Estimate the numbers of guests you'll have at your reception. Just a round figure that can be adjusted once we have an better idea of what you want. Example: 50 to 75, 100 to 125, We can do small adjustments once you receive all the RSVP's.

    Flavors: Decide on the flavor. And don't be shy. Pick your favorite (it's your wedding, after all). We will guide you in your selection so that your cake is every bit as tasty as beautiful.

    Multiple flavors are best achieved but doing a 1/2 & 1/2 cake. This makes each serving the same for all of the guests but gives them a variety of flavors.

    Reception: Note WHERE you'll be having your reception. Sunset on the bay can make for a beautiful ceremony but the weather presents special challenges to icings and fillings. Certain types of decoration look great in a Ball Room of the hotel but a strong wind out side just don't work. Just let us know what you plan so Chef Robert can make sure your cake is "Florida-friendly".

    Wedding Cake: Decide whether you'd like your cake to be stacked, tiered or arranged on a cake stand. Look at the examples on our website instead of in The Bride Magazine. Each cake is CUSTOM made just for the individual Bride so it's best to START with something we already know works for our area.

    Think about the "look" of your cake. Look at our samples to get some ideas. Do you like round or square? Don't forget the "Cake Table".... Welcome Bags, Favors or Pastries for a morning after treat.

    Have Fun: Enjoy! Keep it FUN, Keep it SIMPLE, Let someone else that has years of experience do all the worrying, you just sit back and smile pretty for the camera! We want to enjoy the process just as much as you do!!

  • Flavors

    Cake Flavors
    • NEW! White Almond (off white)
    • Key Lime Buttercream (white)
    • Vanilla Buttercream (white)
    • Raspberry Buttercream (pink)
    • Strawberry Buttercream (pink)
    • Fudge
    • Pineapple Buttercream (pale yellow)
    • Coconut Buttercream (white)
    • Mango Buttercream (yellow)
    • Passion Fruit Buttercream (pale pink)
    • Banana Buttercream (off white)
    • NEW! White Almond (off white)
    • Key Lime (yellow)
    • Vanilla (white)
    • Chocolate
    • Yellow
    • Orange Sunset
    • Funfetti (pictured)
    • Red Velvet

    • NEW! White Almond (off white)
    • Key Lime buttercream (white)
    • Vanilla (white)
    • Banana Buttercream (off white)
    • Fudge (yes, it is ok to have a chocolate wedding cake!)

    We make all of our Buttercream fillings and icings from scratch and use real butter for the home-made taste.


    • Vanilla Only (white, ivory)

    This is the SMOOTH, HARD icing you see on TV - pretty, but not as tasty as Buttercream. We use a high grade imported brand in order to provide the best result possible.

  • Shapes & Sizes


    Single Cake Size varies to Serve 2-25


    Round Cake 2 Stack - 39 servings
    3 Stack - 64 / 88 / 120 servings
    4 Stack - 200 servings


    Round Cake 2 Stack - 50 servings
    3 Stack - 88 / 144 servings

  • Toppers & Table Decor

    If you plan to provide your own TOPPER, we will need to have it ONE MONTH prior to the wedding.


    Wedding Cake design "starts" at the top and goes down. In order for the cake to accommodate your Topper, we to have it in time to confirm that the design will work.

    TABLE DECOR can help to pull it all together! A few suggestions: Floral, Extra Shells, Serving Sets, etc.

    Tabel Decor
  • Favors

    Favor Bakset

    Looking for that Special "something"? Check out our variety of Wedding Favors as the perfect gift or momento for your Guests and/or Wedding Party!

    An all time favorite among our Bride's are our bite-sized Key Lime Cookies! They are a hit time after time. If you would like to "try before you buy", you can purchase a "sample-size" pack at our Online Store!

    We can also create a custom gift package for you, based on your choice of items, or you can simply choose individual items to add to your own creation. Be it a Table Favor, a Midnight Snack for your guests, or a "Wake up to something sweet" surprise the next morning - Bob's Bunz has something to fill the bill!

    Sandollar Cookie

    Check out our Latest Creation: Sandollar Cookies! An edible rendition of the coveted Sandollar found on the beach, Chef Bob starts with home-made sugar cookie based topped with almonds and cinnamon. Our Sandollar Cookies are sure to be a hit at your Tropical Wedding.

    These cookies can either become part of a gift basket or be presented individually wrapped. Please contact us for more info and pricing.

  • Design Consultation

    CAKE DESIGN CONSULTATIONS are by Appointment Only!

    Your consultation will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Please let us know how many people with be attending with you for seating purposes. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to check-in time.

    We can be somewhat flexible between the hours of 10:00am - Noon.

    ONLY 1 appointment per day at Noon only
    These are the days that we are working on the Wedding Cakes and delivering them. It requires our FULL attention....just like it will on your "Special Day". Your timeliness and understanding are greatly appreciated.

  • Payments & Policies

    • Your Quote will be all-inclusive.
    • We do not require a deposit... perhaps a "hug", but no cash! We are quite sure that the Resort has done a nice job of taking a deposit.
    • Payment IN FULL by Cash or Check ONE MONTH PRIOR to the Wedding.The check will deposited once the cake has been delivered.
    • Payments can be mailed to:
      Bob's Bunz, Inc.
      P.O. Box 623
      Islamorada, FL 33036
    • Please include your: Name, Date of Wedding, Location of Wedding

    Cake Tasting:
    2 Flavors of Cake - 1 Filling - 1 Icing *additional if available
    The fee is $35.00 - Cash or Check

    Cakes from other Sources: It is always a preference to use our own designs. However, we will occasionally consider using a design from another source if it is appropriate. In our world of litigation, there are copyright issues related to photos of cakes. Yes, as ridiculous as this may seem, it can happen. We require that any photo sent for consideration include the Original Source.